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Inline Technologies Number Press
From THE PRESS Reports (May, 1998)

For many printers, numbering garments is a large part of their business. The Inline Technologies Number Machine could be just what the printer ordered.

The press is constructed from tubular steel, which forms a sturdy base. The way the press works is simple. You can print either one or two-color numbers from zero to 99. For two color numbers the press holds two screens with numbers from zero to nine pre-exposed onto the screen.

One screen attached to the press in the standard clamshell fashion; this screen pivots up and down over the pallet and is controlled by gas shocks. The second screen attaches to the press in a horizontal fashion on nylon rollers. You can pull the second screen over the pallet while the first screen comes down in the standard clamshell method. Both screens are pre-registered and exposed at the factory.

The pallet is the standard wood with a laminate covering. It's attached to the press via a support arm on rollers. This allows the pallet to be rolled under the number you want to print.

The registration system on this press is done visually, but that doesn't mean "eyeballing". Along the entire length of the press is a grid for each numbering position. A guide on the pallet support arm lines up with the grid. The alignment depends on whether you're printing a single numeral, or the left or right numeral of a double-digit number. This system allows you to quickly locate the pallet in the correct position for the screen and number position you want to print.

Getting used to the press took about two minutes to get acquainted with its visual registration system. Once that was accomplished, we handily printed one and two-color numbers from 2" to 12" quickly and precisely.

In addition to the two ready-to-use screens that come with the press (you can choose the style of these) you can purchase additional screens with dozens of numbering styles and sizes. If you don't want to purchase the pre-exposed screens from Inline, you can buy just the film positive for any of Inline's available styles.

The price of the model tested was $3,395 with two pre-exposed screens.