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1. Screen Klean Booths are all formed from one piece molded construction. There are no seams, no cracks, no edges, and no leaks. All corners and edges are cut on a radius.

2. The material used to mold these units is Polyethylene. Polyethylene is a light weight, chemical resistant, rust proof, impact resistant plastic. Polyethylene is widely used for the molding of bed liners for pick-up trucks. That should give you an idea of how tough Polyethylene is. Our units last for many years.

3. Screen Klean units have a smooth finish. Polyethylene, by nature, has a resistance to things sticking or bonding to the surface, therefore, clean-up is very easy and simple with little effort.

4. Screen Klean  units come standard with back lights. These lights are completely enclosed and attach to the booth from the back side. This prevents any chance of electricity coming in contact with liquid, spray, or mist.

5. Screen Klean booths utilize a splashless front design. Unlike other units that have straight sides that allow spray to reflect straight back at the user. Screen Klean units have a wrap around front with a rolled lip that turns inward. This feature reduces splash- back to a minimum.

6. Booth comes with 1" drain and flexible 1" hose for easy hook-up to drain system. Our Recirculating Unit comes with 2 stainless steel ultra fine basket strainers.

7. Screen Klean Wash Out Booth stand is all welded aluminum construction. Booth fits into opening in top of stand for tool-less assembly. Stand comes with a shelf, 21" X 27". It has adjustable nylon feet for leveling purposes. Our Recirculating System has a Polyethylene stand. This unit is also used as a reservoir for our Cleaning Chemicals as well as a Filter Housing and Pump Housing.